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Everyone's contributions,made visible

Use storytelling as a tool to share work from the people who do it. Story Time surfaces contributions in useful ways, ensuring visibility of your organisation's work while recognising each individual’s impact.

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Not another productivity or project management tool.

Story Time focuses on capturing the outcomes and contributions that made the work possible.

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Making the invisible, visible. That's basically magic!

In large organizations, individual contributions are difficult to see due to the size and complexity of operations, making it hard to differentiate between personal and group achievements. Additionally, specialization in particular roles can lead to challenges in receiving recognition and understanding specific contributions.

Story Time curates timelines of activity for every person focusing not only on their work, but touch points with colleagues and the impact their contributions are having.

Timeline of a storytellers activity

Sharing the work

Transparency promotes a culture of trust and support. When employees have access to information about their organisations goals and objectives, they are able to understand how their work fits into the bigger picture, reducing feelings of overload and burnout.

Story Time makes it easy to see and promote the work that highlights milestones and impact froms teams and individuals.

Promote important stories to the top of the dashboard

Analysis to drive feedback

Feedback is critical to an individual's career and job satisfaction, as it provides opportunities for growth, development, and recognition, resulting in increased productivity, better job performance, and a more fulfilling work experience.

Without visibility into an individual's contributions, impact, and received recognition, its hard to be able to provide valuable insights and feedback. Story Time has many ways to gain these insights, making the next one-on-one or performance review much more effective.

Team activity insights

Share success with the world

With outstanding work that your customers, users, or followers would appreciate you can showcase it so it appears publicly and is available for all to see.

Track the journey to work completion

Work is never completed in isolation, with Story Time you create the connections between work and then people can follow its journey from idea through to reality.

See how your work engages

Using dashboards, see how others appreciate your work and connect with it.

Add it to your core workflow

You already have tools that track work, Story Time can be embeded in to your workflow to capture and publicise employee stories.

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If Story Time resonates with you then reach out with any questions you may have for more information.