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Everyone's contributions,made visible

Use storytelling as a tool to share work from the people who do it. Story Time surfaces contributions in useful ways, ensuring visibility of your organisation's work while recognising each individual’s impact.

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Not another productivity or project management tool.

Story Time focuses on capturing the outcomes and contributions that made the work possible.

Story Time in your workflow
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Recognise the journey

People managers and everyone in between can recognise those that have contributed as well as follow the journey people take to get there.

Motivation boosts

See how your work has contributed to the big picture and receive individual reporting on your impact.

Promote the work which inspires

Highlight something important, challenging, or fun which engages your employees. Help people see the company vision and how they're work contributes to success.

Promote important stories to the top of the dashboard

Celebrate how work is intrinsically linked

Each employee builds on the work of their peers, towards the goals of the team. With Story Time we capture and surface these connections to help people appreciate where and how their work is used.

Automatically add contributors by linking stories

See contribution and impact reporting across the team

Often the hardest thing to see is an overview of how people are contributing. But more elusively, how they are receiving feedback on their work. Story Time allows you to see recognition and contribution statistics, as well as diving deeper into recent activity and the wider impact a Storyteller is having.

Engagement and recognition reporting

A better way to recognise employees

Capture, record and connect employees with each other, with the business, to help them see the value in their work.

Personalised engagement statistics

Share success with the world

With outstanding work that your customers, users, or followers would appreciate you can showcase it so it appears publicly and is available for all to see.

Track the journey to work completion

Work is never completed in isolation, with Story Time you create the connections between work and then people can follow its journey from idea through to reality.

See how your work engages

Using dashboards, see how others appreciate your work and connect with it.

Add it to your core workflow

You already have tools that track work, Story Time can be embeded in to your workflow to capture and publicise employee stories.

Get in touch

If Story Time resonates with you then reach out with any questions you may have for more information.