Story Time

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About Us

Why does Story Time exist and who are the founders?

Aaron and Lisa met at the same company while both working as software engineers. While reflecting on their careers, they found they shared the same concern and curiosity for the sorts of 'people problems' they kept encountering at the various companies they joined - lack of recognition and transparency of the important contributions all employees make. It was only a matter of time before Story Time was born.

  • Aaron Abrook

    Aaron Abrook

    Co-Founder / CEO

    After spending over a decade solving deep, technical problems I have finally found my work passion. It's all about people and believing in all they can achieve. Bring people from different backgrounds and experiences together to collaborate on big problems, watching them achieve greatness.

  • Lisa Tassone

    Lisa Tassone


    Since discovering web application development over 13 years ago, I've worked as a product designer, UX researcher and full-stack developer before focusing on front-end development. Mostly because I find it the most fun and bad UI is a trigger for me! I'm passionate about solving problems for causes that align to my values. Creating a more enjoyable workplace aligns with my belief that everyone deserves respect and recognition in their lives for what they contribute to the world.