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How to help staff be seen, aligned and motivated to do their best work

Product is heading in one direction, Marketing in another, Engineering don't delivery their priorities, Customer Success Managers are drowning with support calls. "What's happening?" we ask ourselves. "We have a roadmap, a North Star, our OKRs but we're still all over the place. How do we get teams aligned and working together towards the same goal?"

The problem often isn't due to clarity in the direction, but instead the way teams align and collaborate on the mission. "Where is Product and Engineering with X feature?" or "What are Marketing promoting that we need to prepare for?" are questions we've heard a lot and have built Story Time to surface and solve.

Collaboration not only had the largest impact on overall company performance (36%), it overshadowed strategy orientation and market turbulence

Frost & Sullivan

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Recognition brings motivation

According to Achievers White Paper, 90% of workers are motivated when recognised. Many companies put in place recognition programs but find they often fail to deliver long term motivation. We believe this is due to these programs being used as a band-aid on top of staff who are not engaged with their teams or work.

When people are recognised by their customers, by other departments, by leadership, by anyone they become motivated. Creating Employee reward systems like Employee of the Month creates a competitive environment where those who are most visible, are most rewarded, but they are rarely the only ones driving the business forward.

90% of our workers are saying when they receive recognition it motivates them to work harder

Achievers White Paper

COVID-19 made engagement even harder

Since COVID our contributors are even less visible than they were before, sinking employee engagement to low levels on top of the stress of a global pandemic. Creating a central point to help teams surface their contribution, making them and their work visible to the rest of the business, helps staff see they are appreciated and working towards the company goal. Now the world has seen businesses can work remotely, let's create a space where people can encourage, motivate and succeed together.

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