Story Time

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Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Choose an affordable plan that's packed with the best features that suits your organisation's size and needs.



A great option if you don't need team and collaboration features.

  • Up to 250 storytellers
  • Unlimited story creation and publishing
  • Unlimited story categories
  • Unlimited story promotions
  • Personalised analytics
  • Rich text editor to make writing a breeze
  • Easily link to other stories to create a contribution trail
  • Image support and hosting
  • Zapier integration



A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.

  • Everything in free tier
  • Publicly showcase stories
  • Priority support
  • * Create groups for individual teams
  • * Invite others to view your drafts before publishing
  • * Weekly email engagement reports
  • * Showcased story notifications



When you have more than 250 storytellers and/or custom support requirements.

  • A lovely conversation with us!
* This is a roadmap feature, soon to be available publicly.