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Promoted Stories

Aaron Abrook
Tue Jun 22 2021
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A consistent trend across our user research and experience is helping people surface the stories that matter. "How does my work align to the vision?", "How come we haven't heard about this new feature before today?", or "Who is starting this month?" are a few questions we've heard, a lot. So to help our customers surface the stories they find important we're excited to introduce Promoted Stories.

Above we can see a Promoted Story inline with the rest of the stories that have been published but, that's not front and center so we've added the Promoted Stories to your Dashboard. So when someone logs in they can see it along with their own engagement statistics.

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How to Promote

Promoted stories are limited to the Authors within your organisation, the same people that can Showcase a story and share it with the world!

At the bottom of stories located in your Stories list you will see a Promote action.


Clicking on this will expand the promotion period. It's good to know how long do you want this story to be published and when would you like it to show? Has your team worked towards a pitch that has been chosen for the next round of work? Is there a marketing campaign that has a start date that would be good for your peers to know is active?


Once you've selected your period, click Promote Story! When the story is active it will have the star and appear on everyone's Dashboard.

Cancel or chance a Promotion

What if you want to stop a promotion early? Or choose a different period to promote? That's nice and straight forward. Go to the story in the list view, click on Promoted, then Cancel Promotion. Once a promotion has been canceled you can update the dates as needed.


We hope that this helps your organisation bring the stories front of mind that matter to the business. Whether these stories are celebratory, performance related, process driven, something fun, promote them and help everyone see what your teams have been working on!

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