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User engagement

Aaron Abrook
Tue Jun 22 2021
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It's important to feel encouraged that our work is being seen, our peers are seeing it and enjoying what we have delivered. To help surface these statistics we are launching the initial statistics engagement piece on the Dashboard, weekly reports showing Your Story Activity and Engagement.

This is the foundation that we can build on to show you that your work matters to the success of your business.



  • What is engagement?

We capture different types of data relating to how your work is seen and interacted with but believe seeing the aggregate of views and loves is important. The Engagement widget combines the views, both Published and Showcased, on a per day basis, and the Loves are the total loves people have given to your stories.

  • Can I see previous reports?

Not today. We store all of your previous engagement reports so they are safe and sound.

  • What stats will we see next?

We haven't planned the next round of stats yet but have a few things in mind. First though, what would you like to see? What would help you feel recognised by your team with the work you produce?

If you enjoy this update then please click that heart, if you aren't using Story Time yet then reach out to [email protected] and join the pilot program. Let's redefine how people are recognised and encouraged to do their best work.

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