Story Time

Friendly URLs

Aaron Abrook
Tue Oct 05 2021
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A small feature this one, but one that is incredibly important for a content platform. The titles of your stories now determine the content of the URLs!

A couple of the immediate benefits story tellers get from title based links is it helps give others context when you share stories, it also makes it easier to find in a browser's history.

As mentioned, small feature but meaningful.


Will my old links redirect?

Your old URLs still exist and all new content will be served from them. One day we might add a redirect to the latest URL but, for now, we keep the history of your links and show only the latest version of your story.

How do I define my URL?

The URL is now based on the title of your story so there isn't a way to customise it. If you would like to have a custom URL are forwarding services that may help.

My story still has an old URL, did I miss something?

Story Time doesn't go through the history of your stories to create new URLs but a quick edit then save will create the new URL for you. All new stories will have friendly URLs.

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