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Introducing Teams

Aaron Abrook
Sun May 29 2022
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One of the common pieces of feedback we've received boils down to "how do I recognise a group of people? I want to show a whole team I appreciate their effort and my work would not be possible without theirs."

And that's why we're here today!

Teams teams teams


Today we're introducing Teams in Story Time. Show a team that you appreciate their effort, that your work is built on top of theirs, just that you like what that team has been up to lately.

When you write your story, you can have Shoutouts, link to other stories, assign categories, now you can add Teams that helped make your work possible.


What is a team?

A team is a group of Storytellers that are within your Story Time organisation. To add people to a team you can through the Storytellers list.


If a team doesn't exist, you can create new teams directly against the Storyteller.

Where does this change matter?

We take the heavy lift out of attribution for you right here. When the story is saved we take a snapshot of the team at this date, and add all members of the team as contributors on your story.


The impact reports for these contributors will then be updated with each view and love on your story. They will see that their contribution matters and that they are appreciated.

How do I see a team's stories?

Last step on the team's feature is being able to see the stories of this team. Want to see what the Product team has been working on? Or what's been made possible from the clients Sales are targeting? You can filter within the Stories view.


There's a lot more we have in mind for teams but, with every product journey we need to start with a first step.

- The team at Story Time

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