Story Time

Invite Storytellers

Aaron Abrook
Sun Aug 01 2021
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The goal for Story Time is to celebrate what people accomplish with others in their team. To share their contributions and to have them appreciate yours.

How to invite

If you are an administrator for your organisation you will have an option called Invite Storyteller under your Avatar in the top right corner. Click on this to start inviting others to join you.


You will now be prompted with a page to invite others!


Now enter the employee name, their email address, and the roles they will perform under.


In Story Time we have actions restricted based on 3 different roles. Users are not restricted to a single role so if you have an Administrator that you trust to Showcase and Promote, assign them both the Admin and Author roles. Let's explain these roles in a bit more depth:

  • Admin: Today an Administrator is someone who can invite other users. Over time they will have more administrator type privileges to help integrate and manage Story Time.
  • Author: An Author is someone with some special, escalated privileges. They have the same capabilities as Contributors but can Promote stories so they appear on everyone's dashboard, and Showcase stories which makes them visible to the world. We recommend this be limited to employees who you trust with your company brand and image, or those that need to highlight important stories.
  • Contributor: A Contributor can view, create, link stories. We recommend this role for all other employees that help your business succeed so they can equally be recognised.

And that's all there is to it! Add some users, then start building your own culture of recognition!