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Story Time now with Zapier Integrations

Aaron Abrook
Mon Jul 12 2021
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One of the challenges with making the most of a system that relies on content is sourcing that content. People already manage their work within tools like Jira, Confluence, Github, Asana, and a myriad of other apps. There also the challenge of surfacing stories through tools like Slack or notifying other systems.

Today we have a way to help so we're excited to announce our REST Hooks and Actions so you can integrate using Zapier! Now you will be able to announce when stories have been published, maybe to Slack? You can also create Drafts in Story Time from your existing tools to get people writing sooner!

Currently the Story Time trigger is only available by invite, if you would like to get started reach out and we'd love to help you get setup!

Let's Publish to Slack

Making the work visible is key to helping people understand how they contribute to your business success and how everyone contributes in their own, unique ways. A common tool that people use is Slack, so let's share our stories there first.

Connect to Story Time

First we assume that you have Zapier already setup and ready to go and are familiar with managing your connected accounts. If not they have great support documents, like the Basics of creating a Zap.

Select Story Time from the list Zaps available.

Next, select Story Published (Instant) as your trigger and then Continue.


When setting up and choosing your account you need to create and use an API Key. They are available on request at [email protected] for now. Just remember, when you receive a key that it is not recorded anywhere and is like a password to your organisation!

Choose account.png

Test the trigger! It will retrieve some of your organisation's recent Published Stories, giving you a preview of what you have available.

Connect to Slack

With your action, Search and choose Slack.

Let's share the Story with one of our channels, choose the Action Event "Send Channel Message".


Choose your Slack account from the list of available accounts. If you don't have a Slack connection yet, follow the link to "Manage connected accounts" and setup your connection.

Choose your Channel and provide a message. Might we recommend including the Title, Author and a link to the Story? The Summary is a nice brief to add as well. This way everyone can see enough of the Story, and celebrate. To link to the Story you can use the format <> for just a link, where :story-id is the Zapier helper. If you want to add a title separate the URL and the Title with a | like: <|:story-title>.

Finally, Continue then test your Zap! You should get a Successful message and see the post within your Slack channel.


Turn it on and that's all there is to it! You are now sharing Stories with your team.

To update you can access your Story Time Zap amongst your other Zaps so click and edit to make any changes.


We hope that you and your team find this feature useful and it helps surface how everyone contributes to the Story of your organisation.

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