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Surfacing Team Contribution

Aaron Abrook
Wed Dec 08 2021
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At Story Time we're moving in to our next phase of development and we're excited to introduce you to the first step on the journey around team visibility.

Today, we're introducing the Team Story Activity widget that appears on your dashboard.

Curious about how your peers are going? You can see it! Are your staff receiving enough recognition for how they're helping move the needle? Here you can get an overview and help boost. Are you a VP or Exec leader and curious who your hidden performers are? That is now front and centre for you to see!

With this feature we're introducing a few new concepts so let's get into what they mean so you can get the best out of Story Time

Contributions Received/Shared


Work is never delivered independently.

If you're in an Engineering team your work expands on the product features that have been discovered through Product Management team or Sales.

When in Sales there's a key feature or possibly technical documentation that has helped close a deal.

Your company has OKRs that have been fine tuned to help move the needle so we connect with that.

All of this work is a contribution to the business's success, and we want to recognise how everyone has contributed. With our Contributions columns we surface how often people have been added as contributors to stories, and how often they have shared with others.



While everyone contributes to a business, people get lost in the noise of the day-to-day or aren't as visible as they could be. They are still important to the success of the business and are making an impact.

Here, Impact is the amount of engagement that their contributions have made. Has a Showcased story resonated with the community and you've been recognised as a contributor? You are making a broad impact and get to see how far your work is travelling.



Engagement is no longer just for people to see on their dashboards, it is now available for everyone to see so they appreciate the value each individual brings.

Some have found this feature somewhat confronting, but in a good way! It's rare that the work people perform is visible alongside their peers or those of other departments. It is hidden in reports, or apps, lacks context or doesn't resonate. With Story Time everyone's work is important, and it is now visible.

We hope that you make the most of this new feature and become prepared for the next steps of our journey where everyone's contribution, made visible.

- The team at Story Time

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