Story Time

That feeling when you accidently close a tab - and your work wasn't saved

Lisa Tassone
Tue Oct 05 2021
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It's early Sunday afternoon and a text comes through from Aaron, my co-founder of Story Time. "How long do you think it would take to implement auto-save? I've lost an hour's worth of writing :(".

I know that feeling, you've started to note down some clear concise thoughts or important take-aways, your thumb accidentally glides down that little bit too much as you review your work and before you can stop it, you've told your mobile browser to refresh.


Or maybe you just closed the wrong tab. Due to having experienced this feeling, in the early days of the app's design, I wanted an auto-save feature but we had other things on the roadmap that took priority.

Aaron's frustrating loss that afternoon had us re-visiting how we could implement the feature. We are proud to announce that your writing efforts will now be safely saved incrementally while you are editing your stories!

While its unlikely you'll notice this feature, you'll appreciate if you ever accidentally refresh, close the tab or navigate away. The next time you go to edit the story, all your changes will be there.

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